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Page not found!

"Sorry, it appears the page you were looking for does not exist anymore or might have been moved.
Please try your luck again."

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This is a Joomla! article displayed as custom 404 page.

How to modify this page?
Step 1: Go to Content -> Article Manager.
Step 2: Find and edit the "Error 404" article.

How is the search module displayed?
It is displayed using the "Content - Load Modules" plugin. It allows to display a module in a Joomla article.
The module is published on the following position: error404-search

How to display a different article as custom 404 page?
If you want to display other article, you need to change the article ID in the following location: /templates/jm-template/error.php

artetavola Ostern Hase Kunstblumen Hasenschule 3

Ostern steht vor der Tür!

aussen nacht titel

Café & Bar in unsere Wohn- und Genusstraumfabrik – immer ein Besuch wert!

artetavola mode fruehling 2018 2

Die neue Frühlingsmode ist eingetroffen!